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Drawings made from collected descriptions (Commission of a drawing – year 1)

Drawings made from collected descriptions was initiated together with the artist Mia Rosasco as a conceptual project and was ongoing during 2007, the project is now continued in a second phase together with the curator Niklas Östholm.

The project is regulated by contracts, and it deals with and challenge our views on values and expectations and art as a commodity. On an other level it also deals with, transformation and interpretation, text and image.

Below will you find a small excerpt of material – descriptions and drawings – from the project.

Contract between Mia Rosasco and Johan Tirén, regarding the terms of the project.

Commission no 1 (The buyers description)

Copenhagen, 1.1.2007
Commission with description for a ”Commercial Drawing made from collected desctiptions”, performed by the artist Johan Tirén.
I herby commission a drawing made my the artist Johan Tirén. The following information is a description of the drawing i am buying in this context.

1. The drawing is to be made with either a lead pencil only or with a blue ball pen.
2. The paper the drawing is made on, is to be of a white, off-white or an unbleached colourless paper material.
3. The size of the paper the drawing is made on, is to be like the size of a photo, smaller then an A5 envelope.
4. The drawing is to illustrate an office. An private office inside a private home, in a living room.
5. On the backside of the drawing the artist Johan Tirén will write the title and date of this drawing, chosen by him.
6. The artis Johan Tirén will make the rest of the decisions concerning the conceptuel, aesthetics and other artistic decisions.

If possible i like a drawing showing this! Looking forward to seeing the result.

Best wishes from the buyer.

Commission no 1 (The drawing)

Commission no 3 (The buyers description)

Gay-group-sex-in-a-layered birthday cake-drawing
Hi Mia I would like to have a lead pencil drawing (is this possible?) of 29 men
having sex with each other in a layered birthday cake, (Michael has his 29th birthday) it may be more or less of a birthday-cake-size, they should be naked (at least a couple of them) and it doesn’t need to be something totally vulgar group fuck, but one should be able to se the genitals, I doesn’t care about some frigid bullshit (it must not be fish in the cake, Michael doesn’t like that)

Hi, Hi, Mads

Commission no3 (The drawing)

Commission no 4 (The buyers description)

Copenhagen 09.04.2007

Regarding the project: “Commercial drawings made from collected descriptions”.

Dear Mia Rosasco and Johan Tiren.
I hereby order 1 drawing by artist Johan Tiren.

The decription:
A drawing of one SEK 500,- note. The size should be the same as a “real” Swedish 500,- note, and should consist of a front and backside (which means that there should be drawn on both sides of the paper). The drawing of the SEK 500,- note should be done in colors matching the exsact same colors as the “real” SEK 500,- note (I suggest using crayon pencils)

The payment:
I will pay 500,- SEK for the drawing.

Christian Hillesø

Commission no 4 (the drawing, front)
Commission no 4 (the drawing, back)