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Contribution to an archive

A view over the city from the roof of the local parliament

The project “Contribution to an archive” took place in the municipality of Nynäshamn south of Stockholm, as a part of SKISS*. The aim was to discuss democracy from a local point of view, with Nynäshamn of today as a point of departure. I met and had conversations on the subject with people who had different positions in the municipality. The meetings were filmed, and then included in the “picture- and popular movements archive of Nynäshamn”. I made an agreement with the participants that I should not edit the material nor would they be able to edit it after it was recorded. 

The material was submitted to the “picture- and popular movements archive” in Nynäshamn, thus it also became a part of the history of Nynäshamn. In the archive you can find a lot of material, texts, photos, sound recordings from the seventies and the eighties, but no contemporary recordings. 

My thought was also that in the archive the submitted material, or artwork gets the status of a public act. The access to the material is supposed to be open. The recordings can be viewed in the archive, or borrowed at the city library of Nynäshamn.

Ilija Batljan (Social democrat), The chairman of the municipality Nynäshamn.

The series consist of the following recordings:
Ilija Batljan (Social democrat), The chairman of the municipality Nynäshamn. Carin Bohlin Bagge, headmaster at Viaskolan, Nynäshamn. Eva Brodin, teacher as well as local chairman for the teachers union, Roland Dehlin (Moderaterna), chairman of the opposition in Nynäshamn, Carl-Henrik Timan, director of the educational administration in Nynäshamn, Bibbi Otterstad chef at the upper secondary school in Nynäshamn.

The port of Nynäshamn

Contribution to an archive, part 2
As a second phase in the project “Contribution to an archive” I decided to document six places from the municipality of Nynäshamn and add them to the previous recorded conversations. The scenes can be seen as a kind of a background, or a spacial context to the conversations.The places was filmed for one hour, and as in the interviews no editing of the material was done. What happened (or did not happened) during that our in front of the camera will be a part of the archive.

A view toward the entrance of the major supermarket (Coop Konsum)

A view from the forest Nickstaskogen

The series of places consist of the following recordings: 
A view of Centralgatan (the central street), a view over the port of Nynäshamn, a view over the city from the roof of the local parliament, a view toward the entrance of the major supermarket (Coop Konsum), a view from the forest (Nickstaskogen), separating the suburb Nicksta from central Nynäshamn, and a view from road 73 between Nynäshamn and Stockholm.

*SKISS is a project in five municipalities around Stockholm involving twenty artists. The aim is to explore how artistic practice can influence the working environment, social as well as physical, in different working places, in the municipalities taking part in the project. SKISS is initiated by Konstfrämjandet in collaboration with AF-Kultur and KRO.