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out of sight

The starting point of this collaborative work with Runo Lagomarsino, is a series of photos taken in Copenhagen during the EU summit in 2002 and another series photographed on a trip with a Swedish coastguard patrol boat. We think that both these places are defined by the positions of the non-presence of “the other”, the one who is not represented inside the meeting arena, or the one who is being stopped by the border.

The work reflects different positions of power and the space separating these positions. Some of the pictures point at the gap between the official power and the demonstrator, (“force”, “waiting for the demonstration at the wrong time” and “still life”), while we in the coast guard pictures rather focus on the distance between the official power and “the other”. What is common for the pictures in the exhibition is the layer of violence, although never apparent as an action, but rather as a structure.

memories of a city, (lambda print various size)

without title, (lambda print various size)

without title, (lambda print various size)

waiting for the demonstration at the wrong time, (lambda print various size)

still life, (lambda print various size)

force, (lambda print various size)

without title, (lambda print various size)

In the video A.M.A out of sight, also included in the exhibition, the same form of repression is present through the story of a refugee living in Copenhagen. He is basically describing his everyday life, A life were the living conditions are heavilly restricted and controlled. 

The image of the video is a filmed projection of the image of an empty DVD-player. There’s just the symbol of the DVD-player, repetedly bouncing agianst the borders of the projection area. A common, and understandable reaction is that there is no image, that something is missing. This is of course not correct, the image is there, it’s just not the image expected. The system is there, as well as the structure. 

Although one could also look at this piece as an image of a non image, an image so covered by layers of systematic controll that it alwyas seems to be out of reach.

A.M.A out of sight (video still)

This collaborativ work was presented at the gallery Verkligheten in Umeå.