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Epilogues – Sharing a society? (Att dela ett samhälle)

Epilogues is a series of 16 posters including one index poster.
The series is made within the framework of the long term project at the Office of Regional Planning in Stockholm. The posters is partly distributed with the exhibition version of the plan during the autumn 2009. The hole series will also be displayed in Stockholm at Kulturhuset in the exhibition Sharing a society? (Att dela ett samhälle) during November/December 2009.

The posters is based on reworked texts from the upcoming regional plan or reports that has been produced by the Office of Regional Planning in Stockholm. The starting point for the work was the dimension of a social perspective in the planning process. By rewriting suggestions for the future society found in the material but as these suggestion already were implemented, already a fact, and juxtaposing this with images of statistic models, emptied of its original content, it becomes clear that the planning process in fact is a production of ideology.

The posters are yet to be translated, and so far only available in Swedish.

Institutions (poster 70x100cm)

The policy of distribution (poster 70x100cm)

Laws (poster 70x100cm)

Trust (poster 70x100cm)

Sharing a society? includes work also by Janna Holmstedt and Anna Högberg (collaborative) and Johan Waerndt and Monika Marklinger (collaborative)