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Temporary Status

“What is your view” was shown at Röda Sten, Gothenburg as part of the exhibition and project “temporary status”, curated by Corina Oprea.

See the curators information on the project temporary status below:

TEMPORARY STATUS – a project exhibition
The project Temporary Status started with travels to Moldova and Armenia, a region where the vision of a state is undergoing a continuous debate, where territories are yet in dispute and where the civil society is by default engaged in the political thought. The travels marked an exercise on imagining alternative socio-political discourses and a re-formulation of politics, other than the present construction of the political apparatus. Is the public square the only space for conversion of politics? Does the making of politics happen in relation to revolutions or elections, or does it have more to do with the continuous awareness of the social construction and its ellipses? And what about the often posed question of the impossibility of the artistic act within the realm of politics – when politics is solely understood as state and city regulations?

These and other issues unfold in the project exhibition. Three new works have been co-produced on this occasion, including a film by acclaimed artist Pavel Braila, a first installation by theatre maker Nicoleta Esinencu, inspired by the latest elections in Russia, and a new intervention by Gothenburg based artist Goran Hassanpour. The historical piece Art Demonstration of the Yerevan group ‘ACT’ is also presented in premiere outside of the former-Soviet space.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Temporary Status – A project book on political imagination.

Contributors: ACT Collective, Pavel Braila, Nicoleta Esinencu, Diana Hakobyan, Goran
Hassanpour and Johan Tirén/Christian Hillesø.
Curator: Corina Oprea

Temporary Status
is made possible with support from TANDEM (ECF, MitOst/Berlin), Konstfack – CuratorLab and Rumänska kulturinstitutet.