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Terms of Belonging

No Shoes Allowed, Mixed Media Installation

Terms of Belonging, Overgaden Copenhagen, Denmark

* “With a simple graphic sign, Stockholm-based Johan Tirén will require visitors to Terms of Belonging to take off their shoes. Footwear is a symbol of class, gender and, in some contexts, religious belief and the ceremony surrounding them may forge other, accidental, communities. The work has an aggressive and authoritative edge, which is exercised to meet a seemingly arbitrary outcome: the removal of shoes. The work functions similarly to a Brechtial alienation device, pushing the audience to question the conventions of both art spaces and the domestic sphere where codes relating to shoes are most evident

* Text from the exhibition guide.

The project Terms of belonging is curated by Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh. Find more info on the project here.

The exhibition was a Critics’ Picks in Artforum by Stephen Squibb, November, 2011.