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What is your view?


Eight years ago we, Christian Hillesö and Johan Tirén, made a modest but straight ahead project asking some of the world CEO´s, the top 100 at the time, 3 questions on Power, Economy and Democracy. A lot has happened since then, but some things stay the same. That is why we in 2008 repeated the inquiery, and sent the same letter to the 100 top CEOs of today. Now, after the recent financial turbulence, we feel that these questions are as important to ask as ever, and we’re glad to present the project on a new web site with the answers as well as the “non-answers”.

Was a letter sent in the year 2000 and again in 2008 to the 100 largest companies, according to the Fortune Magazine Global 500, which is based upon the annual turnover of global corporations. The appeal to the ethical responsibility of such corporations – who tend to be involved in everyday lives in the global village – was manifested in three basic questions: what is your views on Democracy?, what is your views on power?, what is your views on economy?. Only 5 corporations representatives made an effort to respond to the first letter in a more conscientious manner, 9 others respondents were the “due to a busy schedule we’re unable to answer…” type. Of the 100 CEOs in year 2000 there were 99 men and only 1 woman. ALL OF THE TOP 100 CEOs IN YEAR 2008 WERE MEN. The Fortune Global 500 is a ranking of the top 500 corporations worldwide as measured by revenue. The list is compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine. So far in 2008 we are yet to receive answers with more substance than apologies for not being able to reply. 

We put the letters and the replies online for you to read at

Best Regards
Christian Hillesö
Johan Tirén